We are very fortunate to consistently be the first point of contact for many of our clients and we love to start and nurture that trusting relationship from the initial meeting, right through to the completion of all of our projects.

First we like to start with a sit down meeting so we can truly get to know our clients. If the project is a renovation then we prefer to meet in the space to be renovated so we can really get a sense for the space and how our clients live. We know our clients have big dreams for their homes and as professionals in our industry, it’s our job to openly discuss the feasibility and options of those dreams.

Once a general scope of work has been discussed, we can move into the next phase. 

We understand that for many client this could be their first experience with a large scale renovation project so they have no real sense of what a renovation could potentially cost.  In order to help our clients navigate through these unknowns, we are proud to offer a detailed Conceptual Estimate free of charge.

At the beginning of a proposed project, prior to any design, only limited  information is known about what that project could entail.  However, it’s crucial for you as homeowners to know the approximate cost of your dream renovation.  Thus, there is a need to determine the approximate cost of a project during its conceptual phase.  We use our considerable experience and construction knowledge to create a Conceptual Estimate with very limited information on project scope, design and engineering.

The Conceptual Estimate phase helps our clients determine the feasibility and affordability of their dream renovation and allows them to confidently move into the next phase of the process… Design.

At KDC we strongly believe design is a very personal choice and we encourage our clients to interview a number of designers to find someone who they feel most comfortable with. 

Having said that, we also offer our own in inhouse interior design services. Whether you decide to work with a designer of your choice or our in-house team, the design phase is where you’ll first start to realize your dreams as a reality. 

  • First, the design team will work with you to create a proposed floor plan that gives you the space you’ve always wanted. 
  • Next, elevation drawings will depict exactly what the finished project will look like. 
  • The final step in the process will be the selection of all the building materials such as flooring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, countertops, tile etc. 

Once the design and selection process is complete, it’s time to put together the final budget.  With a well-designed project, we are able to offer our clients an incredibly accurate Construction Budget for their project.  

For renovation projects, this process will quite regularly require numerous site visits by our construction management team and sub-trades to fully understand and determine the scope of work and related costs.

Once the final Construction Budget is complete, you will be presented with an incredibly detailed and accurate cost of your entire project. 

Along with the completed Construction Budget, you will also receive a detailed Construction Schedule outlining all of the aspects of the project and their respective time frames.  These schedules will give our clients a very good sense of what to expect as well as deadlines to make any outstanding selections or decisions. 

The first step of the Construction phase is to have an onsite meeting with Dax and your projects Site Supervisor so you can meet the team and talk about any special questions or concerns you may have.  Then our carpenters and skilled tradespeople take over.

All of our projects start with a detailed site preparation and protection to ensure the areas of your home that are not being renovated stay clean and free of any damages.  Once the prep work is complete, its demolition time. We tear out the old and make way for the new.

Recycling is a top priority at KDC and our crews are always cautious to separate all the demolition materials in order to properly recycle anything and everything we possibly can.  Diverting construction waste from our landfills is everyone responsibility and that’s especially true with the renovation work we do. 

Once the project is complete, Dax always does a very detailed final walk through with each of his clients to ensure they are 100% satisfied with the results of their project.  

In addition, with today’s modern homes being more and more sophisticated, we want to make sure you know exactly how to use all the functions your newly renovated home has to offer.  Whether it’s locating the water shut off, or programming your thermostat, we make sure you understand all the small details.